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Create Weight Loss Competitions & Weight Loss Challenges. Join a Team or Individual Online Weight Loss Program!

WeightLossWars is a fun weight loss motivation website where weight loss success stories are made! Our weight loss tools are free, fully customizable for your healthy life, including the best local or national weight loss challenge program. Lose together or gain alone™.
Compete on weight loss warsGet Fired Up Competing to Lose Weight. Let competition push your weight loss to a new level. Start a weight loss or exercise competition with your friends and family, or join a public competition. Find out how much fun losing weight can be, with the weight loss programs we offer.
motivation to lose weight on weight loss warsGet Support & Weight Loss Motivation. Share, learn, and motivate each other through our social network of health-minded people. Select friends who will become your goal motivators and whom will receive a weekly update on your progress. Through our network you will discover the power of numbers!
track weight on weight loss warsGet Real Time Stats on Yourself and Your Opponents. You will love our free weight loss tracking tools where you can record anything from your weight, calories, or exercise minutes. Celebrate your progress as you view personalized graphs of your new lifestyle, and track your triumphs and struggles using adventure journals. Plus, when you create a competition, you can also compare yourself to your opponents with weight loss graphs & leader boards!



Real Weight Loss Competitions. Weightlosswars is literally the only website for weight loss competitions on the internet. There are a couple other websites that try, but they do not even compare to weightlosswars. These other sites are clunky, do not allow for individual competitions, do not give you the ability to track easily, do not give you leader boards, and much more. Weightlosswars gives you real weight loss competitions with weight loss leader boards, graphs of you versus your opponents weight loss and much more. Find weight loss contest ideas, then join or start your own weight loss challenge (to start one, sign up for your profile first, then click to start one.) These competition ideas are plentiful as you check out the weight loss contests that are already on the site for you to join right now.


Free to Sign up. Weight loss online comes with a price of discipline, but you can enjoy the benefits of weight loss wars free online weight loss programs by signing up for a profile today. You get the use of tracking all kinds of different measurements for free. Set up a profile, connect with friends. Add and message back and forth just like on Facebook. It s a weight loss social network in which you can connect with others who share your same goals to take the weight off and share ideas and strength with each other to keep the weight off! Weightlosswars tagline is Lose Together or Gain Alone.


Real Weight Loss Motivation. Online weight loss support comes from all sides on weightlosswars. In a competition, you get that extra push from your friends or new weight loss buddies, coworkers, or family! Through the fire of competition, you get the motivation to jump start weight loss. Tap into the strength that comes from interacting with others who are passionate about their quest to take and keep the weight off. Group weight loss gives you the ability to compete as individuals or as teams to lose weight and this adds the ability to tap into the power of motivational weight loss that comes from teams. You can also check out our many of the members' own Fat Loss and Muscle Building Tips where you'll find Fitness and exercise advice that will help you burn fat and build muscle mass including a wide range of fitness calculators.


Join or Create a Competition FREE. Yes, all it takes and you get yourself a bona fide weight loss challenge is free. Just try out a product or service on our partner site, Trialpay. Otherwise, all you pay is a one-time ten bucks. There is no recurring monthly fee just for being a member, nothing more to pay, just the single payment of $10 to join the competition. And this may be the most important $10 you ever spend to save your life from the health dangers of being overweight. You can take control and you can take initiative and you can win the weight loss war! And you might be wondering if on weight loss wars, do you have to pay $10 every time? If you want to join additional competitions, it's just the same low price of $10!


Access Thousands of Weight Loss Success Stories FREE. Need new, daily, real weight loss stories, both the successes and struggles? Check out our weight loss journal called Adventures in Health! Need to relate to someone with a real success story right now? Need to hear from someone who is struggling and triumphing over their own weight loss war right now at this moment? You can find weight loss challenge ideas, You ll find these stories pouring in constantly to keep you encouraged and powered up to keep up the battle!


Get Free Weight Loss Tools and You Choose Your Own Diet For Quick Weight Loss to Use on the Site. First, choose and apply your own style of diet for quick weight loss. For some you ll choose a supplement, others will simply choose to reduce calories and used discipline and exercise. Then use our free weight loss trackers, calculators, BMI, and our free weight loss programs online. There are lots of weight loss strategies and diets to choose from but the key is to apply it. The key is to start, to apply and to get going. In a weight loss war, you find you have two choices at all times. You can bring your A game and compete, or you can choose to succumb to your opponent and fail. So put away that weight loss competition spreadsheet and let our weight loss tools do the work for you. You ve got enough of your work cut out for you to lose weight fast so you can beat your opponents!


Diet Competition Trash Talk or Alternatively Weight Loss Motivation through Collabrative Support. What other online weight loss programs give you the opportunity to choose whether to focus on support or to choose full-out competition and mess with your friends, family, or coworkers while you lose weight? Weight loss competitions are fun. When you set up a competition and invite others to join a weight loss competition, you can choose from several different templates to send them an invite that will get their blood boiling or simply send them an encouraging and thought-provoking invitation to join the weight loss war. You get to be the one to choose between inviting in a nice and supportive way or calling them out on the carpet to fight to the death. Each person likes to compete in different ways so you get to choose your style. You can send donuts to your opponents, or you can take your opponents out to eat at healthy locations to support them. And if you need or want to give support you can request them to be a motivator in which they'll be reminded to motivate you on a regular basis.


Weight Loss Programs, and also Exercise Programs. Not satisfied with just getting the weight off? Want to take up a new challenge? You can also choose to do exercise competitions or 10,000 step programs or nutritional challenges with your coworkers to build awareness for healthy eating or keeping your calories down.


Outstanding Customer Service. We offer our members unbeatable technical and customer service. We have a perfect record of 0 complaints on the Better Business Bureau in our company's history since our founding in 2004. Being an experienced and longtime online weight loss website (since January 2004 9 months before Biggest Loser was released on television,) we ll help you out with any questions you have all along the way, from setting up your profile, to joining a competition, creating a challenge, or administering your weight loss challenge. If you have questions along the way, just give us a call at (801) 228-0201, Email Us, or contact us on our website and we ll answer or respond right away. We want you to be happy, lose weight, keep it off, and be healthy and fulfilled, so we re here to help because we believe in you and want your success!


Over 100,000 Weight Loss Wars members have lost over 1.1 million pounds! Don't let these diet challenge success stories enjoy all the fulfillment of losing the weight through competition! Check the weight loss challenge rules and get your competition on now! Weightlosswars has had thousands of weight loss competitions evidenced by the clever weight loss team names funny. You might also consider checking out many weight loss warriors individual profiles who have lots of interesting diet and fitness news. Many have some of the internet's original weight loss wars diet battle plans. News, reviews, and how-to guides. They cover all aspects of nutrition, weight loss, and good eating.


Competitions to Join Right Now or Start Your Own with your Friends, Coworkers, Family, or New Weight Loss Buddies on the Site. Want to find some weight loss buddies to compete with? Need someone to challenge you today? Bring your friends, family, or coworkers and set up your competition or alternatively join one of the many competitions that are available. Naturally, funny weight loss team names are plentiful and creatively devised all over on weight loss wars. Motivation weight loss meets its perfect companion when you join weight loss wars and start competing today!